The Pye Centre for Northern Boreal Food Systems

The Pye Centre is a hub for community-led and Northern-focused food systems research, education, community connections, production, and distribution in Labrador.

Pye Centre for Northern Boreal Food Systems
Aerial footage of the Pye Centre farm property, captured via drone by Bird’s Eye Inc., Fall 2019.

Recent Posts

Heart & Soil Conversations: Composting 101

For our second “Heart & Soil Conversation,” Tim Walsh of the Memorial University Botanical Garden facilitated a great session all about composting! Tim broke down the basics and benefits of composting, and shared how to build your own compost and use the finished soil. He also answered questions and provided insights on solutions to common…

Heart & Soil Conversations: Garden Planning

Last month, we were thrilled to kick off our “Heart & Soil Conversation Series” with a virtual talk on Garden Planning, led by Rachel Snelgrove, Farm Associate at the Pye Centre. Rachel covered the fundamentals of creating low-maintenance, productive home gardens, including: Companion planting, to reduce weeds, pests, and diseases, and to promote pollination and…

Community Farm-Based Research

We are committed to fostering an interdisciplinary group of researchers at the Pye Centre, and supporting a variety of research projects that meet community interests, needs, and priorities.

Funding Support

We are grateful to the International Grenfell Association for providing funding to support our farm-based and community programming at the Pye Centre.