Written by Tara Ryan, on behalf of Birdie the Bean.

Tara is a Student Research Affiliate working with Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada (AAFC) and the Pye Centre this summer. As part of her work with AAFC, she is helping to conduct a research trial involving green beans. You can read more about this research trial, and Tara’s work with AAFC and the Pye Centre, here.

My name is Birdie the green bean. I was first planted on June 1st, 2021, and I started poking out of the soil on June 15th, so I am only a month old!

My siblings are all under different experimental conditions – some of them are underneath a plastic covering, which I think is called mulch, and some of them are under plastic low tunnels, and some of them are under both, or just one covering, or neither, like me! It seems like these plastic coverings are meant to help my brothers and sisters grow faster… they are a lot bigger than I am, but that doesn’t discourage me because I know I’ll grow big like they are.

Two very tall humans keep coming to check on us twice a week, maybe they’re here to watch me grow! I think their names are Tara Ryan and Danica Brockwell. I am still pushing out my green leaves, which will soon get broader and more plentiful. Living at the Pye Centre is so much fun, and I can’t wait until I get my flowers!

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