Heart & Soil Conversations: Composting 101

For our second “Heart & Soil Conversation,” Tim Walsh of the Memorial University Botanical Garden facilitated a great session all about composting!

Tim broke down the basics and benefits of composting, and shared how to build your own compost and use the finished soil. He also answered questions and provided insights on solutions to common composting problems!

We’re so grateful to Tim for taking the time to share his knowledge, experience, and passion with us. And, thank you to all those who attended for learning together with us, and for asking such great questions.

Check out the Botanical Garden’s Composting section on their website for more information, resources, and tutorials.

Weren’t able to attend? We’ve got you covered!

Access the Zoom video recording here

Access the audio-only recording here

Additional resources:

Stay tuned for more information on the next Heart & Soil Conversation with the Pye Centre!

The next Heart & Soil Conversation is scheduled for Thursday, March 24th at 7:00pm AST. Stay tuned for more information on the topic and guest presenters!

Email pyecentre@mun.ca to register.

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