Our vision for the Pye Centre is to be a vibrant, community-led hub of Northern-focused food systems research, education, community connections, production, and distribution in Labrador.

Our Plan for Growth


The Pye Centre will serve as a centre of research, education, and training excellence to support, promote, and enhance food security, production, and distribution in all parts of Labrador. 


Working together, through research and education, The Pye Centre will support and enhance:

  • Already-present local food networks;
  • Availability of fresh and desired foods;
  • Local food security and sovereignty; and
  • Health and wellbeing.


Our values are what shape our vision and goals; they inform why we do what we do, and guide how we do it. At the Pye Centre, our values are centred around:

  • Relevance for Labrador peoples and food systems;
  • Responsibility to peoples, lands, and waters;
  • Reciprocity among peoples, lands, and waters; and
  • Relational accountability among all those working with us to achieve our vision and goals.

Follow along with our Community News and Farm Updates as we grow together!

Aerial footage of the Pye Centre farm property, captured via drone by Bird’s Eye Inc., Fall 2019.
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