Peggy Slipp: “I love the satisfaction, and knowing where our food comes from”

Peggy Slipp has been gardening since winning the best zucchini at her local county fair when she was 9 years old. Here’s some of what Peggy had to say to Frankie Leonard, a summer student with the Labrador Institute, in August 2020.

Darren Dinsmore: “I absolutely love producing beef”

Darren Dinsmore has a passion for cattle. He’s been a beef farmer for the past three years, located along the North West River road just near the edge of the Happy Valley-Goose Bay town borders. Frankie Leonard, a 2020 summer student with the Labrador Institute, asked Darren a few questions about his experiences with farming in Labrador.

Jamie Felsberg: “It’s the satisfaction of growing it on your own”

Gardening has always been a part of Jamie Felsberg’s life through his parents and grandparents, but he began plying his own green thumb 4-5 years ago. Some takeaways from Jamie’s interview with Frankie Leonard, Labrador Institute summer student, are captured here.

Ren Simms: “I enjoy getting my hands dirty”

With a beautifully divided garden and a great greenhouse for corn, Ren Simms is able to grow all the staple Newfoundland and Labrador crops and more. He has been gardening for over 20 years, and enjoys sharing his delicious produce with friends and family, especially his grandchildren when they come and visit. In fact, Ren gives away a lot of what he grows.