Growing Together

The Pye Centre is a hub for many agricultural programs and activities that contribute to provincial vegetable expansion and sustainability in Labrador.


We will be updating this page with information about the programs and activities we are developing at the Pye Centre related to research, education and training, farmers and industry, and community connections.


This section is for those who wish to request plots or space to host research projects on the farm. For more information on our farm-based research principles and practices, and to submit a research proposal, please follow the link below.

Education & Training

A variety of educational and training programs for Northern agriculture and home gardening will be offered through the Pye Centre, including mentorship programs and farm schools for learners of all ages.

Coming soon!

Farmers & Industry

The Pye Centre will serve as an agricultural resource hub for farmers and industry in Labrador, providing access to equipment and space for processing, storage, and distribution. And, for new farmers looking to get started, dedicated incubator plots will help to lower the risk of entry into farming.

Coming soon!

Community Connections

The Pye Centre will help to cultivate connections among people, place, and food in Labrador, and across the North. Our Community Space will offer a comfortable outdoor meeting and classroom space that will be excellent for small to medium sized gatherings and events of all types. Community garden plots, including a children’s garden plot, will offer opportunities for people to grow their own food, and learn from one another in the process.

Coming soon!

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