We acknowledge that the lands on which we gather, plant, harvest, and share knowledge and resources are the homelands of the Innu and Inuit, and we recognize their ancestral and continued ties to these lands and waters.

Application Process

Preparing Your Application

Before submitting your application to conduct community farm-based research at the Pye Centre, you must review the following: 

  1. Principles and Practices of Community Farm-Based Research at the Pye Centre
  2. Available Services, Equipment, and Other Resources to Support Community Farm-Based Research
  3. Summary of Fees
  4. Memorial University’s Policy and Procedures for Research Impacting Indigenous Groups
  5. Tri-Agency Framework: Responsible Conduct of Research

After reviewing the above information, please reflect on the following questions before filling out your application to conduct research at the Pye Centre: 

  • How does your research project contribute to the Pye Centre’s vision and goals?
  • How does your research contribute to enhancing and strengthening Northern food security, food systems, and food sovereignty? 
  • How does your research align with the Pye Centre’s farm-based research values? How will you ensure your research will continue to align with these values?
  • What forms will your research output(s) take and how will you ensure it’s available and accessible to local farmers or knowledge users?
  • How can the Pye Centre support you in conducting your research?
  • What other partnerships are needed to guide and support your research? 

Submission Deadlines

Proposals must be submitted before 11:59pm (Atlantic) on January 31st to be considered for approval. If January 31st falls on a weekend, the proposal must be submitted the next business day, by 11:59pm (Atlantic).

Proposals may be considered after this deadline, with special permission from the Pye Centre.

Submitted proposals are reviewed by the Pye Centre’s management team and Pye Centre Advisory Committee. Approvals will be sent out by the end of February. Please refer to the Principles and Practices of Community Farm-Based Research at the Pye Centre for more information on the criteria that will be used to assess your proposal.

Please save a copy of your application for your own records.

Amendment Requests

Submit an Amendment Request for an Approved Project

Bragg Family Foundation Applied Research Fund (Labrador)

Grant Applications

The John and Judy Bragg Family Foundation Applied Research Fund (Labrador) will be used to support applied research projects related to Northern food systems, food security, and food sovereignty.

To learn more about the different types of grants available, and to apply, click here.

Please note that if you are submitting a grant application to support a new project that has not yet been approved by the Pye Centre, you do not have to submit a separate community farm-based research application form.

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