Other Farming and Food Systems Resources

Our work at the Pye Centre contributes to broader food and land sovereignty movements led by Black, Indigenous, and other peoples of colour, in the North and beyond.


We will be updating this page regularly with resources related to Northern farming and food systems, as well as food and land sovereignty more generally.

We have organized these resources under the topics areas listed below. Please note that these topic areas are all interconnected, and many of these resources cross multiple topic areas. If you have any resources you would like to contribute, let us know!

Food Security and Food Sovereignty

Building self-determined and self-sufficient local food systems.

Farms and Farming Groups Led by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color

Reclamation and reconciliation through relationships with land and food.

Northern Farming & Food Systems

Strengthening the resiliency of Northern food systems and communities.

Practical Farming & Gardening Resources

Let’s get growing!

Relevant Media

Food security and food sovereignty coverage in the news.

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