Farms and Farming Groups Led by Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour

Our work at the Pye Centre contributes to the extensive history and ongoing work led by Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) to build and sustain thriving food systems while honouring relationships with and to the land.

Below is a growing list of BIPOC-led farms and farming groups in North America that we are learning from, and with. Have any additional resources to contribute to this list? Let us know!

Soul Fire Farm is a New York state community farm, which aims to end racism and injustice in food systems. They view their work as continuing the legacy of people of color who have successfully established their own alternative methods of growing food in response to systemic discrimination or forced migration. They emphasize the importance of the spiritual relationship they have with the land and their ancestors.

They offer some incredible resources on their website, including: this list of BIPOC-led how-to videos, gardening projects, and online learning resources; these books and articles for further study on food justice; this list of Black-owned farms and community gardens in the US; and this list of BIPOC-led farms that offer community programs in the US and beyond.

Sundance Harvest is a food justice centred, year-round, urban farm located in Toronto, Ontario. Sundance Harvest strives to provide resources, knowledge and guidance to start your own food and land sovereignty movements, create your own urban farming practice and to eradicate institutionalized racism within the food system.

The Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in First Nation set out to establish a sustainable, local supply of organic food that provides fresh, healthy meals and benefits the land. They established the TH Farm just southeast of Dawson City, Yukon.

In 2014, Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in entered into a formal memorandum of understanding with Yukon College and Yukon Research Centre for the creation of a year-round northern TH Teaching & Working Farm. In 2017, they introduced a formal curriculum to the TH Farm School where students learn a variety of farm-related skills.

Find more resources on Northern farming and food systems here!

Tea Creek Farm is located in Gitxsan Territory, near Gitwangak and Gitanyow, Northwestern BC. Established in 2016, this is a family farm with the vision of resilient, healthy communities built on land-based programs and abundant local food, and with the intent of having 100% Indigenous tradespeople and labour. In 2018-2019, Tea Creek Farm started partnering with local Bands and First Nations to formalize their programming.

They are working to make farming knowledge as accessible and as freely available as possible to aid Indigenous food sovereignty and work toward resilient communities built on healthy local food supply. Check out their resource page, where you’ll find videos on creating garden beds, starting seeds, and more!

Find more practical farming and gardening resources here!

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