Heart & Soil Conversations: Garden Planning

Last month, we were thrilled to kick off our “Heart & Soil Conversation Series” with a virtual talk on Garden Planning, led by Rachel Snelgrove, Farm Associate at the Pye Centre.

Rachel covered the fundamentals of creating low-maintenance, productive home gardens, including:

  • Companion planting, to reduce weeds, pests, and diseases, and to promote pollination and production;
  • Succession planting, to keep a steady flow of fresh produce from your garden to your kitchen; and
  • Crucial steps of saving and sprouting seeds.

Over 20 people attended, with folks tuning in from Happy Valley-Goose Bay to St. John’s, and all the way to the Yukon and Ontario. What a delight it was to share gardening knowledge with each other!

Weren’t able to attend? We’ve got you covered!

Access the Zoom video recording here

Access the audio-only recording here

Additional resources:

Next up in the Pye Centre’s Heart and Soil Conversation series: Composting 101

Tune in on Thursday, February 24th at 7:00pm AST, and learn from Tim Walsh of Memorial University’s Botanical Garden as he “breaks down” the basics & benefits of composting!

Email pyecentre@mun.ca to register.

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